Textile, plastic, metal, spray paint, and acrylic on canvas

We live in a distorted world of capitalism and globalization where the Earth continues, day by day, to be polluted. It seems like we only have two choices: to continue to turn a blind eye; to refuse to contemplate these issues, or we can take the easy option to keep piling up more products, more clothes, more plastic – more garbage. However, the accumulated waste does not disappear. It remains, in a place far away, where we cannot see it. For example, in an Asian country. Or in the oceans.

The Wings of Waste series is a reflection of modern society. Where instead of examining and finding solutions for the root of the problem, we treat the surface, the visible things – we paint it beautifully, so we don’t see the rotten interior. But the price of this great “freedom” is that we have become a declining society where we can’t see our own self-destruction from our self-indulgent behaviour.

Fanni Kopacsi