Fanni Kopacsi is a contemporary visual artist born in Hungary in 1991, currently based in Barcelona, Spain. She studied fine arts at the Secondary School of Visual Arts in Budapest, Hungary. Her works are both an introspection and a reflection on human behaviour, sociocultural issues and the ecological crisis, raising questions from a critical position. Fanni’s practice has expanded beyond the limits of the medium and combines painting with sculpture using materials like textile and plastic waste. Her works have been exhibited in Hungary, the United Kingdom and Spain.


What are our inadequacies, desires and hunger by which we rule our lives? And how do these hidden motives take form in the material world, in our search for beauty, in our search for truth? I am captivated by what is behind the visible, behind the readily observable. I am drawn to the transformative power of textiles, particularly those that have been discarded or overlooked. Through my work, I seek to explore the metaphorical connections between these materials and our own shadow selves – those hidden and often unacknowledged aspects of our psychology that we may try to ignore or repress. Using the archetypal motif of sewing, which represents both the act of creation and the repair of something that has been damaged or worn, I am able to confront the excess and decadence of contemporary society, while also celebrating the potential for transformation and renewal. I seek to capture the essence of these intertwined concepts, exploring the tension between decadence and beauty, questioning the ideals that shape our perceptions and challenging preconceptions to create work that reflects the multifaceted nature of human experience.


  • 2022 Inner Nature Group Exhibition, Uxval Gochez Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
  • 2021 Drap-Art’21 International Festival of Sustainable Art of Catalonia, Barcelona
  • 2021 Erotika, Group Exhibition, Tessedik Samuel Museum, Szarvas, Hungary
  • 2021 Wings of Waste, Solo exhibition, L’art i Cafe Gallery, Sitges, Spain
  • 2019 NAE Open, Group exhibition, New Art Exchange, Nottingham, UK 
  • 2019 Repülés, Group exhibition, Tessedik Samuel Museum, Szarvas, Hungary