Fanni Kopácsi is a contemporary artist from Budapest, Hungary who lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. Awarded the First Prize Award in the Versiona Thyssen competition at the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid, Spain in 2022, she was also selected for the XV Symposium of Contemporary Art Scampia in Naples, Italy in 2023.
She studied fine arts at the Secondary School of Visual Arts in Budapest, Hungary and graduated with a bookbinding diploma. Her work has been exhibited internationally in public institutions, such as the Tessedik Sámuel Museum in Szarvas, Hungary, the New Art Exchange Art Center, Nottingham, UK, and in private galleries such as Galería Arteria and Galería Uxval Gochez in Barcelona, Spain.


Kopácsi works with textiles, creating sculptural pieces on canvas which give new life to found objects and waste materials, moving them beyond obsolescence. Her work explores the connections between what we create and carry with us and what we try to leave behind.  Themes of this connectivity with one another and our environment emerge from within the work.

She is captivated by the idea of life beyond the observable surface, and with how that life can be revealed. Through her work, she seeks to explore the metaphorical connections between materials and our shadow selves: the hidden, unacknowledged aspects of our psychology that we try to ignore or repress. 

Using the archetypal motif of sewing, representing both the creation of something new and the repair of something damaged or worn, she confronts the excess of contemporary society while celebrating our potential for transformation and renewal. She seeks to capture the essence of these intertwined concepts, exploring the tension between decadence and beauty, questioning the ideals that shape our perceptions and challenging preconceptions to create work that reflects the complexity of the human experience.


  • 2023 New Now Group exhibition, Arteria Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
  • 2022 Inner Nature Group Exhibition, Uxval Gochez Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
  • 2021 Drap-Art’21 International Festival of Sustainable Art of Catalonia, Barcelona
  • 2021 Erotika, Group Exhibition, Tessedik Samuel Museum, Szarvas, Hungary
  • 2021 Wings of Waste, Solo exhibition, L’art i Cafe Gallery, Sitges, Spain
  • 2019 NAE Open, Group exhibition, New Art Exchange, Nottingham, UK 
  • 2019 Repülés, Group exhibition, Tessedik Samuel Museum, Szarvas, Hungary