XV Symposium of Contemporary Art Scampia, Naples, Italy, 2023

Days filled with joy. Scampia hosted the fifteenth edition of the Scampia International Symposium of Contemporary Art, promoted by Occhi Aperti social cooperative ONLUS, from November 12th to 18th, 2023. This year’s project was in partnership with Essere Ponte, a precious time of encounters, immersion, and exchange among artists from different nations, the neighborhood, and the city. Born in 2009, the Symposium, starting from the Dostoevskian conception that beauty will save the world, over the years has made Scampia an artistic bridge between Naples, Europe, and the world. Indeed, artists from European countries (Austria, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Romania, Spain, Hungary), from the East (China, India, Iran, Iraq, Turkey), from Africa (Senegal), and from the American continent (Brazil, Chile, Mexico, United States) have passed through Scampia, and sometimes returned. The theme chosen for this edition of the Symposium was “SHAPE CHANGE: Encounter Generates Change” because we believe in the generative and transformative capacities of encounter.

Painters, sculptors, muralists, photographers, and performers transformed Scampia into an open art laboratory, offering citizens the opportunity to witness and participate in the realization of their works in progress.

OcchiAperti Staff

Curator: Francesca Rametta
Press and Communication Office: Maria Laura Della Corte, Mattia Tarantino, Camilla Calato
Relations with Schools and the Territory: Carmela Pastore Administration and Secretariat: Ella Mollica
Logistics: Ludovica Leone
Technical Coordination: Pippo Ferrante Public Relations and Reception: Enrico Muller
Critical Text: Antonella Protagiurleo

The artists who animated the fifteenth edition of the Scampia International Symposium of Contemporary Art are:

Saba Najafi,  Michelle Devis,  Elisa Norcini,  Gerardo Rosato, Antonio Conte,  Giovanni Tortora, Fanni Kopácsi, Olga Zuno, Tony White, Roberto Skar,  Luigi Masecchia , Marco Esteban Cavallaro.