Wings of Waste Solo Exhibition

I am really excited to share that my first solo exhibition will be held at L’art i Cafè in Sitges, Spain. Carrer Joan Tarrida 10-12 08870

Opening at 13:00 on Saturday, 1st May 2021.

The exhibition can be visited until 31st May.

We live in a distorted world of capitalism and globalization where the Earth continues, day by day, to be polluted. It seems like we only have two choices: to continue to turn a blind eye; to refuse to contemplate these issues, or we can take the easy option to keep piling up more products, more clothes, more plastic – more garbage. However, the accumulated waste does not disappear. It remains, in a place far away, where we cannot see it. For example, in an Asian country. Or in the oceans.

The Wings of Waste series is a reflection of modern society. Where instead of examining and finding solutions for the root of the problem, we treat the surface, the visible things – we paint it beautifully, so we don’t see the rotten interior. But the price of this great “freedom” is that we have become a declining society where we can’t see our own self-destruction from our self-indulgent behaviour.

My goal is to open a space for reflection and create a connection between the artworks and the viewer. Like our flaws, imperfections and peculiarities, waste is seen as something unworthy and dirty, something to hide. I extract waste materials from this original context and turn them into aesthetic works. I want to make the viewers reflect, so that they can look inside and find beauty in their imperfections.

Some thoughts..

I have been working on the concept for almost 2 years. Waste is a big part of our lives whether we see it or not, and I didn’t know how much influence it will have on me and how much it actually helped me to transform not only the concept into a visual object, but the relationship with my own imperfections, flaws and mistakes. Waste is a huge issue in modern society, generating environmental and social problems. What first was a personal critical approach turned then into appreciation. I find endless beauty in working with discarded materials, with object and things that are considered unworthy, extracting garbage from its original context, making it visible and turning it into something valuable.

Maybe if we don’t stop at the surface and go a little bit beyond we can actually find something true, something beautiful in ourselves, in the aspects of ourselves we want to hide, because the world seems to push us into perfection. And then if we would have a different relationship with ourselves, we could also have a different relationship with the materials and people around us.