Fine Art Exhibition in Szarvas, Hungary


This year marked the 15th Anniversary of the Fine Art Exhibition of artists who live in or has connection with the city of Szarvas. The organisers, Szuhaj György & Takács Miklós choose the theme every year, and this time artists could interpret for the theme “Flight”. Each of the paintings, photos and sculptures shown on the exhibition approach to the subject of flight in a unique way using a diverse range of materials. At the Opening after the speeches the 3T (NSZK) artist group “Heavy Flight” performance could be seen.



We live in a distorted world of capitalism and globalisation where the Earth continues, day by day, to be polluted. We have a choice: to continue to turn a blind eye; to refuse to contemplate these issues, or we can take the easy option to keep piling up more products, more clothes, more plastic – more garbage. However, the accumulated waste does not disappear. It remains, in a place far away, where we cannot see it. For example, in an Asian country. Or in the oceans.

Wings of Waste is a reflection on modern Western society. This work examines the illusion of freedom. Where instead of examining and finding solutions for the root of the problem, we treat the surface, the things that are visible – we paint it beautifully, so we don’t see the rotten interior.